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Talking about the Pater on Father's Days 2017 with Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle

To purchase a copy of The Pater go to your favorite online book site or ask your local book dealer to order for you. The Pater is also available in Kindle. See the interview here

Father's Day Gift for the Childless Man in your life

Perfect for Father's Day for the childless man in your life.  "The Pater: My Father, My Judaism, My Childlessness," by Elliot Jager  (Amazon, Book Depository and other online booksellers)

Dear Pater readers, I have a new book. Very different.

Marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration

Can I hear from you?

Dear Reader, I am glad you stopped by and that you have heard of my book. Please be in touch by visiting (and liking) my Facebook page or email me at this address I am happy to discuss my book at book clubs via Skype or in person. What is my book about? Lots of things... Childlessness from a man's perspective  Jewish childlessness fatherlessness Second Generation Holocaust Lower East Side Father-son relationships Healing Spirituality Laughter  It is not just my story.  Elliot Jager Jerusalem, Israel Buy the book from Amazon. Buy the book from Book Depository Jerusalem's Pomeranz Books Be'eri 5 Street phone 02-623-5559 Just around the corner from the First Knesset (soon to be museum) on King George Street 

Purim and the Childless Man

With a hat tip to Rav Benji Siegel who brought it to our attention in shul last week -- look for the amazing similarities between the story of Joseph and the Esther story in the Megillah. And in between  Hamantaschen here is some more food for thought:  Was M ordechai a childless Jewish man. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both offer express services that allow you to gift a copy of The Pater to a reader you love in time for Purim.